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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Butt Lift at a glance

Procedure: Butt Lift

Duration: 2-3 hour

Stay: 1 days hospital 6 days hotel

Anesthesia: General

Recovery: 7 days

Scar: No scar or 2mm

Results: final result 6 months or 1 year

Hips count as the most attractive and prominent figure in the women’s body. Long legs, slim waist, and tight, flat abdomen are the most important factors that support the good-look of the butt. Butt lift is a safe and preferred operation by women who want to have a younger-look and a tightly rounded butt.

What is a butt lift operation?

Due to Excess weight gain or loss, genetic factors, or gravity deformation and sagging occur in the butt. All the performed procedures over hips and butt are grouped under the title of butt aesthetics.

The aim of butt aesthetics is to lift and give a beautiful shape to the butt, remove the excess fat in the pelvic area, carve and slim the waist. In recent years many methods to enlarge the buttocks have been found and the way in which the person will be performed varies. 

Procedures that can be performed to get a better-looking buttock are butt lifting, relieving the effects of ageing and excess weight in the buttocks, and tightening the skin.

If there were not any sagging problems and the like, the butt can be lifted by performing liposuction, fat injection, or silicone implants procedures only. 

Procedures that can be performed to get a better-looking buttock are butt lifting, relieving the effects of ageing and excess weight in the buttocks, and tightening the skin.

If there were not any sagging problems and the like, the butt can be lifted by performing liposuction, fat injection, or silicone implants procedures only.

The crimp problem is eliminated. Folds out of the curves are removed. New normal inner lip shape is given. The remaining tissues are sewn. The yarns used for the seams in the operation area are self-melting type.

Once the healing process is complete, there is no numbness in the sexual zone. People do not have a problem with their partners. After this operation, which is defined as aesthetic or genital area aesthetic, it may become pregnant. Pregnancy is not an obstacle. 


What Should I Expect from Brazilian Butt Lift(BBL) Surgery?

Your expectation from the Brazilian Butt Lift(BBL) Turkey procedure is that your hip looks fuller. But this should not be the only expectation. Because the other parts from which the fat to be injected in the butt are also shaped.

During the pre-interview, the condition of your body fat is checked and if it is sufficient, the surgeon decides to do the operation. If there are not enough fats, a different solution is sought. If you have enough fats, the operation is performed and you will need to wear compression clothes for a while after the operation.

You may notice the change in your hip immediately, but keep in mind that it takes 3 to 6 months to get the full results. You may experience pain in the first post-operative period. In addition, bruising and redness may also occur. All of this will diminish over time and heal completely.

Advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Sculpted buttocks for the shape you want
  • Improved body confidence
  • Combines liposuction and fat transplantation
  • Natural-looking results compared to implants
  • Addresses any loose skin in the bum area

Why Choose Us for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

  • High-quality service standards in patient care
  • Modern, state of the art hospital facilities
  • Fully qualified medical staff and expert surgeons
  • Considerably reduced procedure costs
  • Expert aftercare advice to provide maximum results
  • Onward travel and accommodation close by
  • Number 1 destination for medical tourists

Turkey Butt Lift: What Are The Benefits?

A Brazilian butt lift in Turkey has its advantages over other forms of buttock enhancement surgery. Other procedures, such as silicone buttock implants, are much inferior in comparison, due to their artificial-looking nature, as well as the safety issues attached to them. A Brazilian bum lift in Turkey provides an attractive, desirable aesthetic, with a fully rounded shape, assisting with age-related issues such as sagging and shapelessness.

Another huge benefit that you can enjoy from a Turkey bum lift, compared to silicone implants, is that the chances of infection are vastly lower, making it the safest option for your buttock enhancement needs. Many individuals choose a cheaper, local option for silicone implants, where illegal substances are injected into the buttocks, causing huge, life-debilitating issues down the line. We strongly advise against this. At Vera Clinic, the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey cost is much lower in comparison to other countries, so you can save money, but still performed at the highest standards without having to put your health at risk.

Butt Lift Cost In Turkey

Butt Lift costs vary between $4500 and $6500 in US and Europe. It just includes treatment. Butt Lift cost in Turkey is about  $3499. It is an all-inclusive package. It includes everything you need like the surgery, hospital stays, all tests and check-ups, consultation, accommodation, airport VIP transfers. The cost difference is due to labour and operational cost. Also, there is a currency difference between Turkey and Europe. So, aesthetic surgeons perform lots of butt lift jobs in Turkey. They are very experienced and get the best Butt Lift results

Why Is Butt Lift Cheaper In Turkey?

The Butt Lift costs in Turkey are much more attractive than in the US and EU countries. There are different reasons for this situation. The reasons for cheaper liposuction in Turkey which is performed at the EU standards with a high success rate are generally as follows:

  • Supports and incentives provided by the government to health tourism
  • Competition due to the presence of many clinics in Istanbul where liposuction is performed
  • The lower value of the Turkish Lira compared to currencies such as €, $ and £
  • Lower clinic expenses and doctor salaries compared to Europe
  • Lower cost of medical supplies compared to Europe

After butt lift operation and recovery period

It is enough to stay in the hospital for one night after the operation. A special corset should be worn immediately after the operation. This corset should be worn for 3 to 4 weeks to reduce the formation of edema and swelling and to obtain better results.The feeling of the patient with some pain, ache, and difficulty in the movement for several days after the operation is expected and can be controlled by taking painkillers orally.

There is no pain or trouble while sitting because all techniques are not performed in the sitting area, but in the first period after the operation may be difficult to get up and sit. It can be easily returned to daily life after the operation.It is recommended to take a bath after the second day in order not to keep the stitches moist. Short showers should be taken during the first 10 days. 

There is no need to remove the surgical sutures after the operation due to the use of Absorbable sutures. The patients can take a shower after 3 days of the operation. The corset that is worn after the operation for 4 weeks can be taken off only during the shower. There will be follow-up appointments1-week, 1-month, and 6-months after the butt lift Operation performed to date. 


The operation is performed under anesthesia and you won’t feel any slightest pain. After the operation, you will only experience mild pain for a few days. If your pain is too much, you can spend this period comfortably with painkillers recommended by your doctor.

This method uses fats from your body. If there is not enough fat in your body, other methods are applied. Hip implants are used in them. In general, it can be said that the techniques are different.

It is forbidden to sit and lie on your hips to protect the injected fat cells during surgery. It can be said that this process can take at least 2 months. If you ignore it and start to sit early, the success of the process will decrease.

Fats can be injected into the desired areas of the hip. This makes it possible to expand the hip.

When your hip is fully healed, you will notice that it has a natural appearance.

After the injected fats adapt to the hip, swelling goes down and similar problems are solved, your hips will have a natural look and you will start to feel normal. You will need a period of 3 months.

If you gain excess weight, there will be a change in the number of fat cells in your buttocks which will affect the shape of your hip. Try not to get away from your ideal weight so that the process is permanent

Incisions are made only for liposuction and are smaller than 1 cm. Therefore, when they are healed, there will be few scars or none.

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