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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation, which is important in aesthetic surgery, is the treatment many patients seek. Adults may have hair loss problems due to genetic or environmental factors. In this hair loss problem, the regional or majority of the hair on the head falls out and the hair does not grow again in that area. In Turkey, there are certain hair transplantation techniques for hair transplantation treatment. Galata Clinic specializes in its branch and is waiting for its valuable patients.

Turkey in Hair Transplant

Turkey has gained a worldwide reputation in the aesthetic health sector. Hundreds of health tourists come to Turkey for vacation and health services. Of course, the important point here is that the clinic you prefer is safe for your health. Thousands of international patients with hair loss problems can benefit from treatment opportunities in our clinic. There are comprehensive health packages for patients coming from abroad. You can get full service before and after treatment.

 “Galata Clinic” The Best Hair Transplant Center in Turkey

Thanks to physicians specializing in hair transplantation, your hair transplant treatment is painless. Thanks to its expert staff and the wide range of services it offers, you can feel at home and get great results. It offers hair transplantation therapy, a branch of aesthetic surgery, with various techniques. It offers a wide range of health services for patients. Countries such as European countries, Scandinavian countries, Portugal, Russia, and Canada, especially the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What is Hair Transplant

Hair loss, which is a very common problem today, has become every person’s nightmare. This condition, which negatively affects social life and aesthetic appearance, can occur due to environmental and genetic factors. Cosmetic products, lotions, and chemical treatments cannot guarantee a definitive cure for hair loss. In Turkey, Dozens of people have hair transplantation, which is a definitive solution to this problem. Hair transplantation has different solutions for each person with different techniques. When patients’ treatment is local anesthesia, they do not feel any pain or ache.

What Are Hair Transplant Techniques?

There are certain methods of hair transplantation and different techniques within themselves. The most widely known and used Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation are only two of these methods. In addition to these, patients also prefer the Direct Hair Implantation technique. the needs of the patient decide according tothe differences between these. Before and after the hair transplantation process varies between the techniques. What is important for you is to choose the technique that suits your needs.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique

Patients widely prefer Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE. This technique takes healthy grafts from the patient’s neck in the area. Then, healthy and strong hair follicles are simply added to the balding area. The important point is to start the treatment from the nape of the neck, temples, or different parts of the patient so as not to disrupt the facial aesthetics. A lot of patient choose this technique because it does not involve any surgical process.

Advantages of the FUE Technique

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique provides advantages to patients in many aspects. It is simple and effective compared to other techniques. Since the hair is removed from the skin as a grain, not surgically cut, there are no surgical scars. The healing is fast. So, the patients can return to their daily life in a short time. This technique makes not only hair but also eyebrows, beard, and sideburns. Thus, a solution can be provided against baldness in the beard, eyebrow, or sideburn.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant Technique

Direct Hair Implantation is a new technique compared to FUT and FUE. This technique is similar to the Follicular Unit Extraction method. However, unlike the FUE technique, it is applied by directly adding hair to the area to be transplanted without opening the hair follicle. With the help of a micro-needle, the doctor adds grafts one by one to the desired area. Basically, there is no the danger of your hair falling out again.

Advantages of the DHI Technique

The Direct Hair Implantation technique has the same advantages as the Follicular Unit Extraction technique. Differently, it reduces the hair transplant healing process to a shorter period. In addition, the hair follicles stay on the skin tissue for the least amount of time, helping healthy hair to grow. In this way, hair follicles become stronger and more durable. Since the hair follicles will not bleed too much during the procedure, healing will be faster.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant Technique

Follicular Unit Transplant or FUT technique is one of the most preferred hair transplantation techniques. In this technique, the doctor removes a strip of grafts. And the doctor adds the hair follicles to the balding area. The clinics uses Follicular Unit Transplant, one of the hair transplantation techniques in treatments, although newer techniques have taken place lately.

Advantages of the FUT Technique

The clinics use The FUT technique less frequently with the development of technology. But, this treatment technique is recommended to patients in some special cases. There are few hair follicles in the area where hair is to be removed. And the doctor can use to have a large number of grafts. Since it is more cost-effective than other techniques, you can also choose this.

What is the Cost of a Hair Transplant?

Many private clinics in many cities in Turkey offer Hair transplant treatments. Of course, costs can vary differently from each other. Because the quality of the treatment provided by the clinics they offer can vary. As Galata Clinic, we offer the most suitable treatment service without compromising quality and trust. Of course, our first mission is to find out what your need is. That’s why you can contact us to find the best for you.

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