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Liposuction at a glance

Procedure: Liposuction

Duration: 2-4 hour

Stay: 2-3 days hospital 4-5s day hotel

Anesthesia: General

Recovery: 7 daysScar: 1 mm holes

Results: final result 3 month or 6 year

The number of fat cells in the adult human body is constant. After puberty, the number of fat cells does not increase, but the volume of fat cells increases. This results in weight gain. Eating habits and lifestyle are the most important factors in people’s weight gain. Liposuction, the method of fat removal is one of the most demanded and requested operations in aesthetic surgery. Liposuction is a surgical method to remove fat tissue that can not be lost by diet or exercise. 

Who Needs Liposuction Surgery?

First of all, a good candidate for liposuction should have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. It should not be forgotten that liposuction surgery is not a weight loss, but a regional thinning and body shaping method. The person who decides on this operation should be aware of this. Liposuction is a systemic health problem solution that can be applied to anyone who is not pregnant or given new birth. Before the procedure, the risk factors should be examined thoroughly and the patient should not have any risks against the procedure. 

What Should I Expect Recovering from Liposuction Surgery?

Recovery time after a liposuction procedure varies greatly from person to person.  The area of the body that is targeted with the liposuction is one factor that affects healing.  Another is the type of liposuction.  A third is the type of anesthesia; overall, people who undergo liposuction with a local anesthetic only recover more quickly than those who have general anesthesia.  Immediately after the procedure, you should expect to feel groggy.  You should have someone available to drive you home and assist you for twenty four hours.  You will need pain medicine (usually acetaminophen or a stronger medicine prescribed by your surgeon), ice packs and help getting up the first several times.  Most people can expect to resume normal activities, like driving a car, within several days.  People who have undergone liposuction return to work usually in three to five days. Sexual intercourse can usually be resumed once any incisions have healed and the swelling and bruising has resolved.

Liposuction Surgery Advantages

  • Extremely versatile and can be performed on a wide range of areas of the body.
  • Permanent, long-lasting results
  • Remove stubborn areas of fat that exercise alone can’t shift
  • Ideal for your arms, buttocks, waist, stomach, thighs, and chin

Why Choose Us For Liposuction Surgery? ​

  • World-class medical facilities in a modern clinic
  • Leading surgeons and expert medical team
  • Expert aftercare post-surgery
  • Price includes onward travel and accommodation
  • High-quality working standards and patient care

How is Done?

Liposuction application is made by removing the excess fat tissue under the skin by using a thin metal cannula and removing it from small holes. For this process, 3-5 mm incisions made from the appropriate points on the skin are used. The amount of fat to be taken from the region and the appropriate cannula should be selected. 

The cannulas used for this procedure are 2-5 mm in diameter and 10-45 cm in length. Before the process, a specially prepared liquid is given to the area to be taken. The purpose of this fluid is to loosen the connective tissues between the fats in that area and to facilitate the procedure. Classical liposuction cannulas are used in these methods and are called a classical method. 

There is another method used in addition to this method. Vaser liposuction, this method has two purposes. The first is to break down the connective tissues between the fat tissues and facilitate the process. But the second most important reason is that during the liposuction process, the collagen under the fat tissue is heated to a certain extent. 

Liposuction Cost in Turkey

Liposuction costs vary between $4500 and $6500 in US and Europe. It just includes treatment. Liposuction cost in Turkey is about  $2999. It is an all-inclusive package. It includes everything you need like the surgery, hospital stays, all tests and check-ups, consultation, accommodation, airport VIP transfers. The cost difference is due to labour and operational cost. Also, there is a currency difference between Turkey and Europe. So, aesthetic surgeons perform lots of liposuction jobs in Turkey. They are very experienced and get the best liposuction results

Why is Liposuction Cheaper in Turkey?

The Liposuction costs in Turkey are much more attractive than in the US and EU countries. There are different reasons for this situation. The reasons for cheaper liposuction in Turkey which is performed at the EU standards with a high success rate are generally as follows:

  • Supports and incentives provided by the government to health tourism
  • Competition due to the presence of many clinics in Istanbul where liposuction is performed
  • The lower value of the Turkish Lira compared to currencies such as €, $ and £
  • Lower clinic expenses and doctor salaries compared to Europe
  • Lower cost of medical supplies compared to Europe

Recovery of Liposuction Surgery

It should not be forgotten that having this application does not mean that you will not gain weight again. In order not to gain weight again, it is very important to give importance to lifestyle, diet, and exercise after the operation. If there is often a case of weight gain, it will not be possible to achieve success. 

If skin sagging is present in addition to local fat excesses, existing sagging cannot recover. Abdominal wall sagging in women who have a delivery cannot be removed by liposuction. Besides, this application does not provide to get rid of cellulite. 


The procedure has the same risks as any other operation. However, every precaution and planning is made before the operation and patients do not need to worry about the risks.

With liposuction, only a certain amount of fat tissue can be removed. However, with tummy tuck more fat tissue can be removed along with excessively saggy skin.

As tecnology develops, desires are more able to be accomplished. There is almost no limitation for surgeons to shape and contour. All the areas of fat of the body such as belly, love handles, back, arms, legs, jowl, buffalo humps can be shaped easily.

Compression garment enables the patient to preserve the shaped body after the surgical procedure. Also, the compression garment supports each area of the body and circulation system as well. The patients feel more comfortable while wearing the compression garment. Furthermore, the garment makes the patient feel secure.

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