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Smile Design

 – What is the Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile treatment is done individually. It includes different methods such as porcelain lamina techniques. The treatment takes approximately 3-4 sessions. Hollywood smile is not a fixed smile design. It may vary from person to person because each patient has a unique face shape and jaw structure. The dentist should work together with the patient and take into account the patient’s expectations. Smile design improves the patient’s aesthetic appearance and function.

However, smile aesthetics gives the patient confidence. Function, on the other hand, brings the chewing process, which is the first stage of nutrition, to the state it should be. While determining the tooth forms, it is essential to provide a dynamic harmony with the style of the person. If necessary, the lip and chin area can be supported with procedures such as botox and filling. Each patient who comes for this treatment is unique in the patient’s mouth and tooth structure. Teeth are as unique as fingerprints. For this reason, although Hollywood smile design may seem normal, it is a personalized application.

– How is Smile Design Done?

There are many stages of smile design treatment. In the first stage, the dentist should determine the patient’s treatment expectations and aesthetic needs. The professional doctor may combine many applications such as aesthetic filling applications, tooth whitening, gum treatments, and tooth lengthening. In this treatment, it is first necessary to determine how the smile design will be. As the first step in planning for Hollywood Smile treatment, clinical experts take photos and videos. In the same session, the doctor also takes measurements from the upper and lower jaw so that he can design it. In this process, the physician evaluates the data recorded at the first appointment in digital media.

Then, the doctor creates the digital design according to the measurements of the model. The patient comes to a second appointment for testing. It takes an average of two sessions to make the design and show it to the patient in the mouth. The process aims to provide the best smile design. It starts the necessary treatments in line with the methods determined as a result of the design. Although the next sessions vary according to the condition of the teeth and the procedure to be performed, the result usually occurs in 3 sessions.


Smile Design

– How to Perform a Hollywood Smile

People who want to have an aesthetic and more beautiful smile prefer Hollywood smile in recent years. During Hollywood smile design, the doctor creates a new design by combining tooth color, tooth shape, and gum aesthetics with the patient’s face shape, skin color, and nose shape. While performing Hollywood smile design, which is one of the smile design applications, we achieve great results completely personalized with Zirconia Crowns or laminate miners. We minimize the dark areas on the edges of the lips and emphasize the visibility of the front 2 teeth more. The point we pay attention to when designing the Hollywood smile is to provide a wider smile curve by using whiter teeth. Hollywood smile is a type of smile where we determine the size of the teeth by looking at the lip support.

– Hollywood Smile Before and After

The Hollywood Smile is a wide smile with squinting eyes, stretched lips, and almost all of your upper teeth showing. If you look carefully, Hollywood actors all have this smile. It’s like a ready smile before a good laugh. Not everyone can have a Hollywood smile, but they can receive treatment for it. While performing this treatment, gingival aesthetics, known as pink aesthetics bring to the fore. To achieve a beautiful smile aesthetics, a decision is made by looking at the level at which the gums should remain correct within the scope of the photograph taken.

Then, specialists examine the gum and bone structure together with the tooth in detail. Since the main purpose here is to obtain the image that will best suit the person’s face, the doctor internees the gums with the laser method. Afterward, there are many different options such as porcelain laminates and bonding applications under the name of white aesthetics.  After the lip structure is fully determined, the person can get the chance to have a completely beautiful smile thanks to the stages carried out respectively.

Smile Design

– What is the cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

There are certain reasons for Smile Design. You can consider this treatment when you don’t like the size of the teeth or when desire smaller teeth. At the same time, this treatment is suitable for you if the teeth are not visible while laughing or talking and you want the teeth to be slightly visible. In Hollywood smile treatment, it is extremely important to explain all these expectations and wishes to your doctor correctly.

The Ministry of Health prohibited the prices of applications and treatments considered medical procedures. In addition, it would be wrong to say a clear price for such health services. Because the facilities and opportunities covered by the health service may vary. Therefore, prices may vary from city to city and from clinic to clinic. You can contact our clinic for the Hollywood Smile treatment that you need and that suits you best. Since it includes many procedures in terms of cost, you can receive more than one aesthetic treatment.

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