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What is DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Hair Transplantation?

Direct Hair Implantation hair transplantation technique, or DHI technique for short, is the process of direct hair implantation. The specialist collects the grafts with “Choi” in this hair transplantation technique. Afterward, he directly implants them without opening a channel in the scalp. This is where the technique gets its name. While in other techniques, doctors perform graft collection and transplantation separately, in this procedure they do it at the same time.

How do the patients get DHI Hair Transplant?

As we mentioned in the article above, the specialist doctor first applies local anesthesia to the area where the hair will be collected and transplanted. Doctors perform this procedure with a special pen called Choi. This pen has a very thin and sharp structure. In one go, the hair transplant specialist performs both graft collection and transplantation.

Who Should get the DHI Hair Transplant Service?

Before choosing this method, you should make sure that you meet the necessary conditions. The Direct Hair Implantation technique, which is still a new method, has an average demand compared to other techniques, if you want a hair transplant, you should remember that your hair will be added to the balding area. Patients with a sufficient amount of hair follicles prefer this technique. Apart from that, almost everyone is suitable for this technique. Of course, this technique is recommended for individuals over the average age of 20.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplants?

In the DHI technique, it does not matter whether the hair is shaved or unshaven. The doctor can perform hair transplantation in both ways. Since the patient receives local anesthesia, he/she undergoes a painless operation. In this technique, the doctor can perform the hair transplantation immediately because he uses a special micro pen. Since there is no skin incision, recovery is faster. These advantages can lead people to prefer it.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant After Process?

The first time after Direct Hair Implantation is very important The patient should not touch his/her hair and head area too much during this process much. Otherwise, ingrown hair or more critical complications may occur. During the healing process, you should stay away from chemicals such as hair care products and lotions. In addition, you should not neglect to use the medications prescribed by your doctor. It may take about 6 months for the hair to regain its natural state. In this process, you should be in contact with your doctor and follow his/her instructions.

Benefits of DHI Hair Transplant Technique

In addition to the fact that the DHI technique is a new hair transplant technique, many internationally choose this technique because it takes fewer sessions. Although it takes more hours than other techniques, doctors can complete it in one go. If you are careful after the transplantation process, you can reach your natural hair in a short time. At the same time, since the grafts are your own strong and healthy hair, you will get a natural look.

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What is the Cost of The HI Hair Transplant Technique?

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey mostly provide Direct Hair Implantation services. However, Galata Clinic helps you to get a quality service and not to pay for services that you will not benefit from. It would be wrong to give a clear answer about the cost of the DHI hair transplantation technique. Because you can contact Galata Clinic to examine the health service packages and get a price in line with your needs and wishes.

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