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What is FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Hair Transplantation?

FUT Hair Transplant

Patients prefer different techniques in hair transplantation treatment. After choosing the technique that the patient can get the maximum efficiency, the necessary procedures begin. The Follicular Unit Transplantation technique, or FUT technique for short, is one of popular the methods in hair transplantation. The doctor takes strong and healthy hair from the nape of the patient’s neck and adds it to the balding area where the patient wants to have hair transplantation. During this process, the specialist takes the hair in clusters. And in the same way, it adds a strip to the balding area.

How do Patients Get FUT Hair Transplant Service?

Specialists can perform The Follicular Unit Transplantation technique in specialized clinics. In this technique, which predates the FUE technique, the doctor performs a surgical procedure on the patient’s head. The doctor then cuts the strips into pieces. Then the hair is added to the area to be transplanted. Since the procedure involves surgical incisions, the cut area on the head is sutured. Tissue damage occurs on the patient’s head. Therefore, the doctor must remove the stitches after about 1 week. The doctor adds the hair and the skin to the area where the patient wants hair to be added. The doctor removes the graft clusters in pairs or threes. He uses microsurgical scalpels in this process. And the patients get local anesthesia for a painless operation. 

Who Should Prefer FUT Technique

Clinics started using this technique in 2002. Since it is an old technique, not everyone uses it now. However, some patients prefer the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique depending on preference. So who is suitable for this technique? First of all, the patient must be older than 22 years old to prefer this technique. Patients also prefer the FUT technique as a necessity. Because if the number of hair in the area where the grafts are low, the doctor may think that this technique will be better for the patient to obtain more hair. The cost part of the work is also preferable because it is more affordable than other techniques.

FUT Hair Transplant

What are the advantages of the FUT Technique?

The advantages of the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique include cost and precise results. Because in this procedure, the specialist takes the hair not one by one but in a cluster. Thus, even if the number of hair on the patient’s head is low, it will be an effective procedure. It is also a very fast method. For example, it is very advantageous for patients who come from abroad and have limited time. The doctor can collect the grafts much faster. Unlike other techniques, there is no need to shave the hair in the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique. It is also very advantageous if there is insufficient hair in the area.

What is the FUT Hair Transplant Aftercare Process?

In the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique, the process after hair transplantation is very important. Because hair transplantation in this technique simply requires minor surgery. The stitches marks may remain on the patient’s head after hair transplantation’s head. And if the stitches are sloppy, there is a risk of infection. The key point here is to have this technique done by a doctor who does his job well in specialized clinics. There is a healing process for a while after hair transplantation. Here the patients should keep their heads clean. Occasionally there may be bleeding on the scalp. In this case, the patient should apply a dressing. The patients can wash their heads only after 3 days.

FUT Hair Transplant

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplantation Technique

Hair transplantation with the FUT technique gives precise results. In other words, since the doctor transplants healthy and strong graft clusters to the balding area, hair loss does not occur again. The procedure takes a very short time and the patients does not need to cut their hair before the procedure. Depending on the speed of the specialist doctor, up to 4000 hair follicles can be added. In hair transplantation, the possibility of damage to strong hair is very small. People with a high balding rate usually prefer the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique.

"Galata Clinic" Which is Turkey's Best FUT Hair Transplant Technique Center

Specialist doctors should perform the FUT technique in a specialized clinic. A sloppy hair transplant operation can lead to scalp infection. Many clinics in Turkey have the Follicular Unit Transplant technique. However, Galata Clinic offers hair transplantation services with the Follicular Unit Transplant technique by combining quality and expertise. It provides the necessary support to its patients before and after the hair transplant operation. We strive to provide the best health experience for international patients. 

What is the Cost of a FUT Hair Transplant Technique in Turkey?

There is no clear answer to this technique’s cost of hair transplantation. Because the amount of hair to be added affects the price. At the same time, the scope of health service is also shaped according to the needs of the customer. For this reason, you can contact our clinic if you want to receive health services with the FUT hair transplantation technique. In this way, you can get the best health service for you.

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