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Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction at a glance

Procedure: Breast reduction

Duration: 2-3 hour

Stay: 2-day hospital 4-day hotel

Anesthesia: General

Recovery: 7 daysScar: shaped like an upside-down \T\

Results: final result 3-6 months

Big breasts can cause very important health problems in women. The most important of these are;

  • Neck, back and shoulder pain,
  • Discomfort caused by rash and smell from the contact of the breasts on the abdomen,
  • Restriction of physical activities and inability to wear the desired clothes,
  • Pithole deformity created by the bra strap on the shoulder

By having a breast reduction in Turkey, Istanbul Safe Medical gives you the chance to get rid of all these problems. 

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast tissue develops until the end of adolescence. The weight gained during and after this period determines the size of the breasts. In some cases, individuals may have large breasts genetically. Whether due to weight gain or genetic reasons, large breasts affect patients both physically and mentally. Especially in adolescence, it may cause people to become introverted, make it difficult to find suitable clothes. Also, large breasts cause rashes and sores. Women with large breasts may have a hard time exercising. This, in the long run, causes people to stop exercising and cause them to gain weight. Any individual who has all these negative effects and does not have a health problem to prevent surgery may have breast reduction surgery.

What Should I Expect from Breast Reduction Surgery?

You may experience pain in the first week after the operation. You will only need to use the medications given by your doctor. The use of tubes to drain fluids and gauzes to wrap your breasts may cause difficulty in dressing and moving. It is very important to have a companion with you during this period.

Your recovery rate will increase between 2 and 4 weeks after the operation. In particular, the initial loss of sensation greatly reduces. Your sutures are removed during this period and swelling, bruising and redness significantly disappear. After this stage, you can start the exercises in line with your doctor’s advice and return to your normal life. But remember that you will have to wait a little longer before the exact result is seen.

Advantages of Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

  • Resolving back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Prevent skin irritation by the breast crease
  • Avoid painful pressure from bra straps
  • Reduce discomfort during exercise our daily activities
  • Avoid unwanted attention from other people
  • Have a breast size in proportion to your body

Why Choose Us For Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • World-class medical facilities in a modern clinic
  • Leading surgeons and expert medical team
  • Expert aftercare post-surgery
  • Price includes onward travel and accommodation
  • High-quality working standards and patient care

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

There are surgical techniques that vary depending on the condition of the breasts. The surgeon will decide which of these techniques are suitable for the patients with some measurements during the examination.Breasts can be reduced in the desired amount with the method called the nipple graft technique. This technique is generally used in very large breasts. It is applied in people who do plan to have a pregnancy. It is not a preferred method because of the loss of sensation in the nipple after the procedure and the risk of preventing breastfeeding. 

Another method is to protect the nipple and lift the nipple after removing sufficient tissue. In this method, breastfeeding function is not affected since milk channels are protected. Breast reduction surgery takes an average of 2 hours depending on the condition of the breasts under general anesthesia. 

Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

Breast Reduction costs vary between $4500 and $6500 in US and Europe. It just includes treatment. Breast Reduction cost in Turkey is about  $2999. It is an all-inclusive package. It includes everything you need like the surgery, hospital stays, all tests and check-ups, consultation, accommodation, airport VIP transfers. The cost difference is due to labour and operational cost. Also, there is a currency difference between Turkey and Europe. So, aesthetic surgeons perform lots of Breast Reduction jobs in Turkey. They are very experienced and get the best Breast Reduction results

Why Is Breast Reduction Cheaper In Turkey?

The Breast Reduction costs in Turkey are much more attractive than in the US and EU countries. There are different reasons for this situation. The reasons for cheaper liposuction in Turkey which is performed at the EU standards with a high success rate are generally as follows:

  • Supports and incentives provided by the government to health tourism
  • Competition due to the presence of many clinics in Istanbul where liposuction is performed
  • The lower value of the Turkish Lira compared to currencies such as €, $ and £
  • Lower clinic expenses and doctor salaries compared to Europe
  • Lower cost of medical supplies compared to Europe

Recovery of Breast Reduction Surgery

Drains are used to prevent bleeding problems after the procedure. These drains are removed 2 days after the procedure. After staying at the hospital for one night due to anesthesia, patients are discharged.

When you stay in a hospital environment, you can easily cope with pain. After the discharge, the pain can be easily controlled with the medicines given by the surgeon.

After the operation, a special bra is used. This bra is used for the first 3 weeks until the wounds heal. After 3 weeks, patients can start wearing their own bra.

In the first 10 days, the breasts may appear larger due to edema.

After 10 days, edema and bruising will be almost disappeared.

Patients can easily return to their daily lives and jobs after 10 days. 


You will not feel any pain because you will be under anesthesia during the operation.

The incisions opened for the procedure are kept as small as possible and necessary measures are taken to prevent any scarring. If you follow the instructions given to you after surgery by an expert surgeon, there will be no scarring or it will almost disappear.

The incisions opened for the procedure are kept as small as possible and necessary measures are taken to prevent any scarring. If you follow the instructions given to you after surgery by an expert surgeon, there will be no scarring or it will almost disappear.

It varies depending on the job you do. If you are not working in a heavy job, you can start working in a week. But remember that if your job is heavy, you will have to wait for at least 3-4 weeks.

You can take a shower after 1 week after the operation. But remember that this requires your doctor’s approval. You should also protect your wounds from water with the help of waterproof tape before taking a shower.

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