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Galata Clinic offers the best Hollywood Smile in Turkey at our Dental Clinic. The Hollywood Smile price in Turkey is considerably cheaper than getting one somewhere else in the world, allowing you to make huge savings when deciding to get prosthetic or dental surgery. We offer many dental services at Galata Clinic as well as our top-quality cosmetic procedures, such as hair transplants. Even though the Hollywood Smile Turkey price is so much cheaper, there is no downside, as we provide an unrivalled service, it should be done by experts in dental cosmetics that are nothing but the best. When you get your Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, you’ll leave looking and feeling a million dollars.

Hollywood Smile In Turkey: The Procedure

When receiving a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul, several initial stages are involved. Firstly, an appointment will be made where a evaluation will be made on the current condition of your teeth. If any problems are evident, such as cavities or gum disease, the initial step is to treat those issues prior to beginning treatment for your Hollywood Smile in Turkey. Once this has been resolved, exact measurements will be taken to begin your Hollywood Smile in Istanbul. This will involve measuring the teeth and jaw, taken through placing a mould in the mouth.

Determining the material of the veneers and the right shade for the veneers to match neighbour teeth is the consecutive step after acquiring a model of the mouth. The data collected is sent to an off-site laboratory where it is crafted. Once the structure is ready, before final placement, the veneers are tested and once all factors in question are met, the veneers are cemented in place, so you can begin the procedure for your Hollywood Smile in Turkey.

What To Expect From A Hollywood Smile In Turkey

When we refer to a Hollywood Smile in Turkey, this is a procedure involving cosmetic dentistry, aiming to transform your teeth to a pearly white shade to enhance your smile with a jaw dropping impact. As you might expect, the name took its inspiration from the wide ivory white beams coming from Hollywood celebrities, who started this trend and emphasised the benefits of having impeccable teeth. Unlike our friends in Hollywood, the Hollywood Smile price in Turkey need not break the bank and you don’t have to be a high-profile celebrity to afford one of these from Galata Clinic. The process itself involves the placement of dental veneers – prosthetic, cap-like structures – on the exterior of a tooth, enabling the concealment of the existing tooth to make room for the new, bright addition to your smile.


Yes, our clinic do provide cleaning services – dental hygiene. Including tooth tartar and plaque removal and teeth polishing using fluoride paste. Our dental hygiene sessions also includes providing instructions about how to take care of your teeth at home. We are happy to show you how to use different sorts of dental tools such as dental floss, go-between cleaners etc.

Lasting results generally depend on each person’s lifestyle and eating habits, but typically speaking you should see results last 6 months to a year.

We recommend 15-30 minutes depending on sensitivity level. Start with 15 minutes and if comfortable, you may go all the way to 30 minutes. Use once a day until you reach desired results, and once a month as maintenance. Do not exceed 14 consecutive days without consulting dental professional.

Hollywood smile works similar to most dental products. Our top of the line gels contains the same ingredients used by dental professionals to whiten your teeth. Additionally, there are several other healthy ingredients to support whitening, helping to clean and protect your teeth. The gel holds to your teeth long enough for the whitening agents to be absorbed, leaving you with a bright, safe , and healthy smile, with little to no sensitivity.

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