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Direct Hair Implantation
( DHI )

What is DHI Technique?

Today, various methods are used for hair transplantation. DHI technique is one of them. What is DHI Technique? It is one of the things that can be wondered about hair transplantation procedures. During this application, special devices known as Implanter Pen are used.

The Direct Hair Implantation method refers to the DHI technique. The application consists of two stages and no incision is made during the operation. Grafts must be taken from the donor area of ​​the patient before the operation. Then, comes the graft planting phase. These operations are done simultaneously.

The implanter pen devices used in this method allow the application to be done easily. Root canal opening and root placement can be done at the same time during DHI application. One of the most important benefits of the implanter pen device to the method is that two operations can be performed at the same time.

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DHI Technique Selection

There are many factors to consider when choosing the DHI Technique. The patient's hair scale is first analyzed. At this point, the thickness of the hair is important as well as the depth of the hair follicle. These analyzes must be performed by a specialist physician before the operation is performed.
Considering the patient's condition, the method to be applied is decided. During these procedures, the patient and the doctor act together in the decision-making process. The individual must have completed the development process to perform hair transplantation. It is more appropriate for adults over the age of 18 to perform such applications.
The clarity of the area to be transplanted is an important issue when applying the DHI technique. Adequacy of the donor area and the amount of graft that will be needed during the operation are also taken into account. Hair transplantation can be done without any problems through a specialist doctor and clinics that provide professional service.

DHI Technique Advantages

Local anesthesia is required during this application. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain and it is possible to complete the session successfully. Since the hair follicles collected with the help of special devices are placed in the opened channels at the same time, the processes proceed faster. DHI Technique is a preferred application in terms of its advantages.

No matter which method is preferred in hair transplantation operations, there are issues to be considered in the healing processes. Such operations are called surgical interventions and need to rest after the procedure. The planting area should also be protected for a certain time. Heavy exercises or behaviors that may damage the planting area should be avoided.

ü  This technique is applied with special devices.

ü  After the hair follicles are taken, the transplantation process takes place at the same time.

ü  Devices called implanter pens are used during the application.

ü  It is a two-stage application.

ü  The number of graft transplants that can be done in a single session in the DHI method is approximately 2500.

ü  Shaving is a non-compulsory method. For this reason, it is more preferred in terms of aesthetics.

ü  The risk of infection after the operation is low.

ü  When the subject is evaluated in terms of recovery time, it is seen that the process is shorter than other methods.

ü  The patient needs a two-day rest period after the operation, and then a rapid recovery occurs.

ü  On average, a period of two weeks is sufficient for recovery.


ü  After using this method, it takes an average of one year for the patient to get exactly the hair they want.

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